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What is it?

Superhero Training Camp is a week-long day camp where boys and girls will meet and train with a different superhero each day exercising their body and mind while creating their own superhero persona. They will create their superhero name, discover their special skill, create their superhero logo, cape and mask. They will learn from each superhero how they treat and interact with the citizens in the communities they protect, and learn the rules and skills it takes to be a superhero.

   Each day will involve fun team activities where they will learn the importance of teamwork while making new friends. At the end of the week, all the superheroes will be there when they graduate and get their Superhero certificate!

Who Can Attend?

Any child who will be age 6-11 at the time of camp may apply. No experience is necessary!

How much does it cost?

Superhero Training Camp cost $100 per child.

We are also offering a SIBLING SUPERHERO DISCOUNT!

For each additional brother or sister, pay $50 each!

So if you had two children you would pay $150. $200 for three.

When is it?

Monday July 22nd through Thursday July 25th. 10am - 12pm. 

An hour before the camp starts you can drop your kids off and let them play unlimited arcade games until it starts. And they can play unlimited games up until 12:30 while they wait for their ride.

Friday July 19th - Graduation Day starting at 3pm.

How do I apply?

You can apply online or at the front counter in Lokomotion.

Please read the following carefully.

Superhero Training Camp is First Come, First Serve.

We only have 30 spots available.

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What do I do after I have purchased my tickets?

The next step is downloading and printing the registration sheet. CLICK HERE

Or come by Lokomotion or Spotlight Characters and pick up the form,

How else can I purchase tickets?

If you do not want to buy tickets through paypal, you can come to Lokomotion or call us at (479)582-5600 and pay over the phone.

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